Five Tips For Choosing A Therapist

Between Chéri and you, it’s no longer going. What if you consult a couple of therapists to go up the slope? Our advice.

Tip # 1: trust word-of-mouth

It is very complicated to choose a couple of therapists “simply” by browsing through a list of websites. To be sure you come across a competent and understanding therapist, listen up and play on your network – this is often the best indicator.

Tip # 2: make your choice as a couple

There is no question of imposing a therapist on Chéri: it is the best way to start therapy on the wrong basis. Overcome (temporarily) your difficulties in order to choose a therapist together – to agree, it can take time, but it is essential!

Tip # 3: don’t neglect sexuality

Ideally, choose a therapist (or psychotherapist or psychologist) who is also a sex therapist. Indeed, the sexual question is often linked to the conflictual situation of the couple, and it is a theme that will surely have to be addressed.

Tip # 4: Ask about their specialty

Some couple therapists work thanks to a systemic approach to the problem (the couple is replaced in the “system” that is the family), others with an analytical approach (the therapist analyzes past behaviors), still others have a behavioral approach (we study the functioning of the couple in daily life) … It’s up to you to see what suits you best!

Tip # 5: feel free to give it a try

If you are not entirely sure of your choice, do not hesitate to request a test session from the therapist you have selected: this will allow you to determine whether or not it is the professional who suits you. In addition, the first contact by email can also inform you.